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How much is your forest worth?

This is a recurring question in business world and its answer requires the application of specific asset pricing techniques. Among these techniques, the discounted cash flow method is one of the most used in the market.

Although discounted cash flow is an established method, there is much discussion around the assumptions used for its projection. One of the most discussed premises, undoubtedly, is the discount rate.

Thus, in order to assist decision-makers, CONSUFOR surveyed 81 forest players, resulting in a sample of 94 biological assets, totaling about 3.5 million hectares in planted area (about 30% of the total area planted in Brazil), with the sole objective of identifying the discount rate used in valuations of biological assets (forest) in Brazil, in the year 2019.

As a result of this research, CONSUFOR has produced an EXECUTIVE REPORT that brings together the main analyzes and conclusions. The report was structured as follows:

1. INTRODUCTION 2. TECHNICAL APPROACH 3. SAMPLE COMPOSITION 4. RESULTS 4.1. General Results 4.2. Results by Geographic Region 4.3. Results by Forest Genus 4.4. Results by Productive Segment 4.5. Results by Economic Group 4.6. Results by Asset Management 4.7. Results by Asset Size 5. STATISTICAL SUMMARY 6. RESULTS SUMMARY 7. FINAL COMMENTS

For more information on how to acquire this report please send us an e-mail:

Format: Digital (PDF)

Language: English

Form of payment: Bank Transfer (prepayment is required)

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