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CONSUFOR’s Valuation consists of determining the estimated market value of an asset or business, and also serves as a metric for the regular assessment of how well the financial management of a company is performing.


The valuation process is based on financial, economic and statistical concepts, as well as full understanding of internal and external factors that influence the future value of the asset and/or company.


The valuation processes conducted by CONSUFOR follow national and international (USPAP/IFRS/IVS) standards.



• Due diligence

• Identification of partners and investors

• Preparation of commercial portfolios

• Fair opinion reports

• Preparation of technical reports

• Analysis of economic feasibility

CONSUFOR performs more than 60 annual appraisals, considering more than 800 thousand hectares evaluated in several regions of the country and Latin American countries. The sum of the evaluated assets exceeds the mark of R$ 5.0 billion/year and involves mainly the genera Eucalyptus and Pine, besides Teak and others.

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