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Founded in 2009, CONSUFOR was born to serve a specific market niche that was establishing itself in Brazil, the so-called TIMOs (Timber Investment Management Organizations). These organizations arrived in the country in the early 2000’s, but only started to strengthen their presence in 2008.


Brazil, despite having a consolidated forestry sector at the time, lacked of specialized companies in the sector with qualifications in the areas of economy and market, areas which were being demanded by this new type of investor. Thus, CONSUFOR was structured to meet this demand, focusing on advising these investors with market information for establishing investment strategies, as well as conducting valuations to support decision making.


 As the market evolved, national institutional investors began to consider the forestry sector in their resource allocation strategies, creating a new market niche for CONSUFOR.


A new milestone in our operations resulted from the adoption of Brazilian companies to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), where there is a need to mark the value of biological assets to market, thus requiring the performance of qualified professionals to meet this demand.


Lastly, given its experience and the quality of the projects conducted, the company expanded its geographic performance, operating in other countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.


Since then, CONSUFOR has been improving and innovating in its areas of operation with the ultimate goal of adding value to its customers by providing services that guide decision making to maximize the return on investment.

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Ederson de Almeida

Ederson de Almeida: Economist, Master in Economics, MBA in Finance from IBMEC, specialist in business economics and strategic planning, he started his professional activity at the age of 14 as an intern at a large retail company. At 19, he attended the Preparatory Nucleus of Officers of the Brazilian Army, remaining as an Officer in the barracks until the age of 26, when he then decided to embrace the career of a business consultant. Between 2000 and 2008, he worked in consulting companies, where he had contact with the forestry world and identified a niche not served by the market. In 2009, he founded CONSUFOR and since then he has been advising national and international investors in decision making for the allocation of resources in forestry businesses. He focuses his experience in investment analysis, economic feasibility studies, financing processes, valuation of forest assets, as well as strong performance in market studies. Throughout his professional career he was also a University professor in the disciplines of economics, contemporary Brazilian economy and business projects. Values ​​competitiveness, freedom, responsibility, ethics and discipline. He is married and has two children.


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